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A Productions Company providing all your audiovisual requirements.


Video Production | Video Mapping | Audiovisual Equipment Hire | Media, Publicity & Promotions | Filmmaking | Photography | Graphics Design | Animation | Video Editing Services

About Us

Six8eleven was established in 2004. It is a small high quality, locally owned video production and equipment hire company, based in Port Moresby. We create and promote your stories that engage audiences, providing an innovative and most importantly, an affordable way to convey a message that cuts through noise.

What We Do

Six8eleven offers a wide range of film and video production, video mapping and social media promotion services. As technology has made videos easier to produce and with the increase of socialising online, it is integral that all the film production, video work and social media services we do is of high quality and meets industry standard.

Company Profile

In this new normal business era, Six8eleven is making sure your business meetings/seminars and conference are not affected despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Six8eleven Production specializes in High Definition Virtual Meeting (or role-based conference is a video conferencing method used for more attendees online) where speakers are selected by a moderator in real time. Number of speakers varies from 1 to 10 depending of the conference or seminar size.


All conference/seminar participants can see and hear the speakers. Other conference participants are not visible to anyone, but any participant in the video conference can be invited to the podium online by moderator. Conference participants may use audio replies and group chat to provide their feedback at any time.

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