Covenant Creed! Youthful Praise & Worship

Pictured above is Papua New Guinea's fiery young Gospel Band, Covenant Creed at the end of their second annual Back To School Concert in February this year.

February 2017, marked the launch of Gospel Band Covenant Creed's first ever biggest project: The Back To School Concert with the launch of their first Album "Amazing Grace." A few months over and it's time for The Back To School Concert 2018.

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With the support of some of Papua New Guinea's most talented musicians and producers such as Emmanuel Muganawa (aka Toxic Mahn), Benjamin Hakalitz (Drummer) and Richard Mogu (Bass Guitarist), the Back To School Concert was a hit! Youth flocked from throughout the city of Port Moresby to be immersed in this "Worship Experience." They performed all their hit songs from the first Album "Amazing Grace" including DekDek, Paia, God in the Making and introduced their second Album "Possibilities", sharing numbers like "Express Lane" and "Jesus You Reign."

Check out the time-lapse of the set up for the event:

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