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This page was created to give you a more detailed explanation of what, why and who BreakFreePNG is.


BreakFreePNG is a movement to encourage appreciation, involvement and celebration of the unique practices and to the preservation of Papua New Guinean culture and tradition. This can be achieved through the collective effort of all in the community - product owners, tourism drivers and state agencies. BreakFreePNG will be bringing you a whole Season! Come, be a part of this movement!


BreakFreePNG was created to address the need to give assistance to the struggling tourism industry in the country especially during the pandemic. The goal is to drive business back to our product owners and ultimately our communities by creating a new and exciting way of re-introducing our culture and tradition to our people and the world.


BreakFreePNG is a collective effort of a few like-minded SME owners who love our culture, our people and our country.

They give of their time, expertise, money and intellect to create new and exciting ways to present tourism as a whole while preserving the uniqueness, true authenticity and respect of our ancestral ways. 

Upcoming Events

Sat, Oct 31
Experience Boera
31st October & 01st November Get your tickets now! We are very excited to bring you a weekend full of culture and tradition, taking you back when the first Lakatoi set sail... Come help us preserve our ancient culture by experiencing Boera with us!

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