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NATIONAL PROTECTED AREAS FORUM 2023 - Passionate About Events in Papua New Guinea

The National Protected Areas Forum 2023

“Skelim tingting wantaim niupela luksave, bilong lukautim graun na solwara, long bihain taim.”

What a jam-packed 3-day informative forum held by UNDP in Papua New Guinea at the APEC Haus.

The forum brought together over 100 key stakeholders located throughout #PapuaNewGuinea to discuss how to improve the management of the country’s protected areas.

Thank you to UNDP in Papua New Guinea, Savitec, Budget Planners, APEC Haus, Tabu Pelei Warupi for creating Heke the Turtle and all the participants who attended the 3-day forum.

- Passionate About Events -

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